Guest Rooms

  • Q. Can I use the internet in my room?
  • A. Yes. The entire hotel is equipped with wireless & wired LAN. There is no charge to connect to the internet using Wi-Fi.
  • Q. Is it possible to use USB chargers?
  • A. Yes. The hotel is fully equipped with USB sockets.
  • Q. Can I smoke in my guest room?
  • A. No. The entire facility is non-smoking.
  • Q. What are the check-in and check-out times?
  • A. Check-in is at 15:00pm and check-out is at 11:00am.
  • Q. Is there a curfew?
  • A. No. Reception is open 24 hours.
  • Q. Can I check out late?
  • A. Yes, but there will be an extra charge. The charge is 30% of the room rate for rooms used until 15:00, 50% for rooms used until 18:00, and one full night's rate for rooms used past 18:00.
  • Q. Can I check in early?
  • A. If you would like to check in before 15:00, we will hold the room for you beginning the previous day, which means you will be charged for an additional night.
  • Q. Do you have children's rates?
  • A. Children age 7 and up are charged the same rate as adults. Children age 6 and under stay at the adult rate as well, provided they will be using a bed or futon of their own, not sleeping with an adult guest.
  • Q. If my child sleeps in my bed, will they still be charged?
  • A. There is no charge for children age 6 and under if they will be sleeping with an adult guest. The number of co-sleeping children is limited to two children in Queen of The Night room, and one in all other rooms.
  • Q. Is it possible to use wheelchairs in the hotel?
  • A. Yes. We have a barrier-free room (26 sq m/280 sq ft.)
  • Q. Are there refrigerators in the guest rooms?
  • A. Yes. Every room is equipped with an empty refrigerator. One bottle of mineral water is provided per guest.
  • Q. Can I stay with my service dog?
  • A. Yes, you can stay with your service dog (seeing-eye, hearing, assistance). Please notify us before your stay.
  • Q. Can I use my credit card?
  • A. Yes. We accept VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, Diners Club, Discover and UnionPay cards.


  • Q. What equipment can I borrow for free?
  • A. The following items are available: Electrical appliances: Trouser presses, irons, lamp, extension cords, hair straightener Bedding: Baby beds, baby bedding Amenities: Nail clippers, sewing sets, Cooling pillows, makeup mirrors, corkscrews Games: Playing cards, UNO, Othello, Shogi Others: Wheelchairs, Diaper trash can, baby soap, baby bottle detergent, baby bottle sterilizer *Quantity limited
  • Q. Can I store my luggage at the hotel before I check in or after I check out?
  • A. We will keep your baggage before check-in and after check-out. After check-out, we will keep your baggage only on the day of departure.
  • Q. I'd like to have my luggage delivered to the hotel in advance. How can I do that?
  • A. Please write the date you are scheduled to arrive and your name in the "notes" space on your delivery form before sending it to the hotel.
  • Q. Can I ship my luggage from the hotel?
  • A. Yes, we can ship your luggage via delivery service.
  • Q. Do you have laundry and/or dry-cleaning services?
  • A. Laundry service is available.Pick Up By10:00 a.m. Delivery6:00 p.m. Closed on Sundays and National holidays.
  • Q. Is there a laundromat inside the hotel?
  • A. Not available.
  • Q. Is there a shop inside the hotel?
  • A. No. There is a convenience store one minute from the hotel on foot.

The Hotel Neighborhood

  • Q. Is there a convenience store nearby?
  • A. Yes, a one-minute walk from the hotel.
  • Q. Is there a place where I can exchange money nearby?
  • A. Viewcard Currency Exchange Center, CIAL Sakuragicho Branch is approximately eight minutes away on foot. That is located in front of Sakuragicho station. They are open from 10:00 to 19:00. Additionally, at the Seven Bank ATM located two minutes away on foot, you can use your credit card to make withdrawals in Japanese yen.
  • Q. Is there a hospital nearby?
  • A. Yes. Please ask at the front desk.


  • Q. Is there a dress code?
  • A. There are no special requirements. You may enter in the loungewear provided.
  • Q. Can I smoke in the restaurant?
  • A. Smoking is not permitted in the restaurant. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
  • Q. What is available for breakfast?
  • A. You can choose either the Japanese or continental set menu each day.


  • Q. How do I get to PROSTYLE Ryokan from Shin-Yokohama Station?
  • A. Take the JR Yokohama or Negishi Lines or the Yokohama City Subway Blue Line to Kannai Station for approximately 18 minutes (¥216–¥367 as of August 2018). The ryokan is about a 1-minute walk from the north exit of JR Kannai Station, and a 1-minute walk from exit 9 of Yokohama City Subway Kannai Station.
  • Q. How do I get to the hotel from Haneda Airport?
  • A. By train, the Keihin Express (Keikyu) to Yokohama Station takes approximately 20 minutes (¥478 as of August 2018). At Yokohama, change to the JR Negishi Line or the Yokohama City Subway Blue Line for a 5-minute ride to Kannai Station (¥133-¥206 as of August 2018). By airport bus, take the Keihin Express Bus for Yamashita Park, Minato Mirai and Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse to Yokohama Daini Godo Chosha (¥720 as of August 2018) for approximately 40 minutes. PROSTYLE Ryokan is about a 6-minute walk from there.
  • Q. How do I get to the hotel from Narita Airport?
  • A. By train, the JR Super-Limited Narita Express takes about 90 minutes to Yokohama Station. At Yokohama Station, change to the JR Negishi Line for a 5-minute ride to Kannai Station (¥4,100 as of August 2018). By airport bus, take the YCAT for approximately 90 minutes to the final YCAT terminal stop (¥3,600 as of August 2018). From there, it’s about a 10-minute taxi ride (about ¥1,300).
  • Q. Do you have parking spaces available? How much do they cost?
  • A. Yes, we have nine parking spaces available (five for regular passenger vehicles, and four for high-roof vehicles over 155 cm tall). One night is 3,000 yen.
  • Q. Can I reserve a parking space?
  • A. Until the 31st March, 2019
    Sorry, we do not accept parking reservations. Parking spaces are first-come, first-served.
    From the 1st April, 2019
    Please contact us for parking reservations. Capacity is limited. If our spaces are full, we will guide you to a nearby parking lot.
  • Q. Where can I park if your spaces are full?
  • A. Don’t worry—we’ll be happy to guide you to a nearby parking lot.
  • Q. Can I use my parking space before check-in or after check-out?
  • A. The 3,000 yen fee covers from check-in at 15:00 pm to check-out the next day at 11:00 am. If you want to park before check-in or after check-out, an additional 1,500 yen fee will apply in both instances.
  • Q. Do you have a parking lot for bicycles?
  • A. Not available.