Term Of Use

The PROSTYLE Ryokan Yokohama Bashamichi website (https://www.prostyleryokan.com,
the site subdirectories, and all reservation and mail transmission programs; hereafter “this
site”) is managed by PROSTYLE Ryokan Yokohama Bashamichi (hereafter [the ryokan])
and its representatives. Before using this site, please read the following terms of use. Use
of this site will be regarded as acceptance of these terms. Since these terms may change
without notice, be sure to note the most recent information.
1.Changes in Service Content
[The ryokan] may change the content of services offered through this site without notice. In
addition, operation of this site may be partially or fully suspended without notice,
temporarily or long-term, due to maintenance, a system malfunction, or other reasons.
As a rule, the copyright for information posted on this site belongs to [the ryokan].
Secondary use of information posted on this site is forbidden, except when [the ryokan] has
given consent in writing.
[The ryokan] takes the greatest possible care regarding information posted on this site.
However, [the ryokan] does not guarantee its safety. The current state of affairs is given
priority where all [hotel] operation details are concerned. [The ryokan] bears no
responsibility for any damages to users resulting from the use of this site. Even in the event
that service is interrupted due to site maintenance, a system malfunction, or similar reason,
and the user sustains damage as a result, [the ryokan] bears no responsibility.
4.Links to this Site
In general, linking to this site is allowed. However, because file URLs may change without
notice, please link to the top page.
5. The Company’s Exemption from Liability Regarding External Links
In order to complement information provided on this site, links to third-party websites are
sometimes posted. Responsibility for maintaining the content of third-party websites linked
to by this site (hereafter, “linked sites”) rests with the linked sites. [The ryokan] bears no
responsibility for the content of linked sites, nor for any damage resulting from its use.
6. Privacy Policy
When guests use this site to make reservations, ask questions or register as members, the
personal information they enter is registered in a database. This information is used by [the
ryokan] in order to provide its guests with beneficial services, and is not used for any other
purpose. For the privacy policy, see this page.