Kotakino open

Our restaurant offers special dishes using a secret beef tongue. Regardless of whether it is Shabu-shabu or roasted, we focus on keep the original flavor of the ingredients. Please enjoy the taste of the food here.


Japanese beef tongue Shabu-shabu

The beef tongue in this dish is made in a unique way in our restaurant and is prepared in 10 days.
Please enjoy an unprecedented taste feast.
(Order from at least two servings)

Japanese beef pot

We provide you with a carefully selected Japanese beef pot as a "civilized taste experience",
Please enjoy with our secret sauce.
(Order from at least two servings)

Grilled Japanese beef tongue

One of our recommended dishes is the rare portion of the beef tongue of Japanese beef.

Opening hour 05:00p.m~11:00p.m (Last order 10:00p.m)


Japanese style breakfast

Japanese-style breakfast items such as yuba, simmered rice, and Edo Senju shallot are from the old Asakusa store that has been in business for 150 years. Please enjoy the delicious breakfast that can only be experienced here.
(For accommodation guests only)

Western style breakfast

A self-service bread, salad, and drinks for a nutritious and delicious breakfast.
(For accommodation guests only)

Opening hour 07:00a.m~10:00a.m