Sauna Route

Get your key to the sauna room at the front desk.
You should go to the sauna wearing samue!

First prepare for a water bath! You should fill the indoor bath with water at your preferred temperature!
The water stops at the metered setting, so you can leave it running!

Drink a glass of detox water before getting in the sauna!
There’s also mineral water in the fridge!

Time to enter the sauna! One round is 12 minutes!
Keep an eye on the clock in the sauna room!

You should take a bath in the sauna room to prepare your body! Cold showers are also nice!!!
You should enjoy the water bath in your own way, different from the usual sauna!

In accordance with your physical health,
you should adjust your body by repeating rounds of hot and cold!!!

When time is up, please return the key at the front desk.