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PROSTYLE Ryokan Tokyo Asakusa website ( The following directories, and various reservation programs and email sending programs, “This Site” is operated by PROSTYLE Ryokan Tokyo Asakusa (hereinafter “Ryokan”) or its agent. Please read the following terms and conditions before using this site.
If you use this site, you will be deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice, so be sure to check the latest information.

1. About service changes

[Ryokan] is subject to change without prior notice of the services provided on this site. In addition, all or part of the operation of this site may be suspended temporarily or for a long time without prior notice due to maintenance work, system failure, or other reasons.

2. Copyright

As a general rule, the copyright of the information posted on this site belongs to [Ryokan]. The secondary use of the information posted on this site is prohibited unless written in writing by [Ryokan].

3. Disclaimer

[Ryokan] pays the latest attention to the information posted on this site. However, [Ryokan] does not guarantee its safety. The details of the business of [Ryokan] will be given priority. [Ryokan] will not be liable for any damages caused by the use of this site. [Ryokan] will not be liable for any loss of service due to maintenance work on this site, system failure, or other reasons resulting in damage to the user.

4. Link to this site

Linking to this site is free in principle. However, the URL of each file is subject to change without notice. Please link to the top page.

5. Our disclaimer for linked sites

This website may link to third party websites to supplement the information provided on this website. The content of third-party websites linked from this site (hereinafter referred to as “Linked Sites”) is to be managed on their own responsibility. [Ryokan] does not accept any responsibility for the content of linked sites or for any problems caused by using them.

6. Privacy policy

On this site, we enter your personal information and register it in the database when making reservations, inquiries, and registering for membership. The information you registered will be used by [Ryokan] to provide services that are beneficial to you, and will not be used for any other purpose. Please see this page for privacy policy.