Private Sauna Notice

Sinece we have received many reservations and inquiries , we would like to make the following changes to our reservation policy.

We will provide the sauna to the guests who are staying overnight or using day use , and we will "suspend" any reservations for sauna only.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our loyal customers but highly appreciate your kind understanding.

Prostyle Ryokan
General Manager


A Japanese-style Ryokan that provides the full Shitamachi experience.

In recent years, many foreign tourists visit Japan.
What are they looking for in Japan’s tourism?

Historical buildings? Anime?
No, they want to taste a slice of the Japanese lifestyle.

The Shitamachi spirit, Japanese hospitality.
We are here to bring a peaceful rest and peerless hospitality to all the people visit Asakusa’s Shitamachi.

Jogging by the river in the morning.
A tour of Asakusa in a rickshaw in the afternoon.
Delicious sake, or a dip in an open-air bath in the evening.

What you’ll experience here can be found nowhere else.
You’ll have an unforgettable time, guaranteed.

Spend a relaxing time at the Machinaka Ryokan, as if overlooking the atmosphere of the old downtown from a traditional veranda.

Feature of Asakusa

Asakusa has a multitude of temples and shrines, such as the lovely Sensō-Ji. Take in the history around you as you walk past the emblematic terraced houses, traditional craft makers such as Edo kiriko, a hand-crafted drinking glass, and much more. Still, Asakusa is not caught up only in the past but has many modern wonders, such as the Tokyo Skytree.
This fusion of old and new creates an irresistibly unique atmosphere and brings in many tourists from around the world.


Japanese-style relaxation in a Tatami room

All six room types are outfitted with Tatami mat flooring and create a truly Japanese feel.
Relax in your new home away from home, with an experience you’ll never get to a western-style hotel.




2-12-11 Hanakawado, Taito City, Tokyo, 111-0033

From Haneda Airport

・Haneda Airport → Toei Asakusa Station (Keikyu Airport Line direct to Toei Asakusa Line) → 7 minutes from Exit A5
・Haneda Airport → Hamamatsucho Station (monorail) → Kanda Station (Keihin Tohoku Line) → Asakusa Station (Ginza Line) → 6 minutes from Exit 5

From Asakusa Station

Tobu Skytree Line 5 minutes from Front Exit
Ginza Line 6 minutes from Exit 5
TSUKUBA EXPRESS 10 minutes from Exit A1
Toei Asakusa Line 7 minutes from Exit A5

From Narita Airport

・Narita Airport → Toei Asakusa Station (Keisei Narita SkyAccess direct to Toei Asakusa Line) → 7 minutes from Exit A5
・Narita Airport → Keisei Ueno Station (Keisei Skyliner) → 5-minute walk → Ueno Station → Asakusa Station (Ginza Line) → 6 minutes from Exit 5

By car

Parking available for 2 cars
Reservation required.
Reservations can only be made by phone.

If the parking is full,
please use the nearby coin parking.
※There is no affiliated parking lot.