Social Media Policy

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PROSTYLE RYOKAN The following guidelines will be followed when disseminating information in the official social media account management of Asakusa, Tokyo.

1. Understand that information sent on social media can be accessed by an unspecified number of users all over the world, and that information once sent cannot be deleted completely.
    2. We will try to disseminate accurate information and will correct it promptly if there is an error.
    3. Respect copyrights and other intellectual property rights so that they do not infringe on these rights of third parties.
    4. We will not disclose not only the confidential information inside the company, but also the privacy and confidential information of customers and third parties who are known outside the company.
5. We will not send out information so as to hurt others or make them uncomfortable. PROSTYLE RYOKAN
Yokohama Bashamichi’s official social media account has an attitude to listen to the other person’s remarks and is always aware of responsible behavior.

Moderation policy

PROSTYLE RYOKAN Tokyo Asakusa welcomes and respects comments and opinions from users. However, the following posts and remarks may be deleted for the convenience of users. Please note.

1. Samurai, Posts and Remarks for Discrimination
    2. Posts and remarks that attack, intimidate or slander specific persons or organizations
    3. Posting and remarks related to political activities, sales activities, advertisements, solicitations by third parties
    4. Posts and remarks that suggest or encourage illegal activities
5. Posts and remarks unrelated to our company

About PROSTYLE RYOKAN’s post by Tokyo Asakusa

Please note that the information provided by the person in charge of the inn on social media does not necessarily represent the official announcement or opinion of the inn. Please check our press release and website for official information.