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PROSTYLE RYOKAN Tokyo Asakusa (hereinafter referred to as [Ryokan]) and Prostyle Ryokan Co., Ltd., which operates [Ryokan], recognize that information that can identify customers (hereinafter referred to as personal information) is important. We are committed to protecting your privacy.
    [Ryokan] may obtain information related to individual customers and personal information related to customers of corporations and organizations in the process of providing various services.
    The acquisition of such personal information is important for providing customers with the highest level of service, but at the same time [Ryokan] is expected to handle such personal information appropriately. Is also deeply aware.
This policy states what kind of personal information [Ryokan] may obtain, what purpose it uses personal information, what kind of third party will share personal data, and how It describes whether safe security measures are taken to protect personal data.

1. When requesting the provision of personal information (source of personal information)
    [Ryokan] collects personal information mainly through the following.
    1) Accommodation registration card to be submitted by the customer
    2) Application form for incidental facilities
    3) Membership program application etc.
    4) [Ryokan] Record of visits
    5) Reservation information through the [Ryokan] website
6) Other documents and materials

2. Purpose of use of personal information
    [Ryokan] may collect and use your personal information for the following purposes.
    1) The purpose of contacting customers in relation to the use of [Ryokan] by mail, telephone, e-mail, facsimile, etc.
    2) To provide customers with information on products and services offered by [Ryokan]
    3) [Ryokan] The purpose of internal business promotion (including provision to third parties necessary for business promotion)
    4) Purpose of promoting business among group inns
Even if your relationship with [Ryokan] ends, such as when you leave the [Ryokan] membership program, [Ryokan] will handle your personal information in accordance with this policy as long as you retain your personal information. I will do it.

3. About the collection range of personal information
    Personal information that [Ryokan] may obtain from customers mainly includes the following.
    1) Name, address, phone number and email address and other contact information
    2) Attribute information such as age, date of birth, gender, occupation, job title, title and responsibility
    3) Other information such as your usage history and your interests
[Ryokan] strives to ensure that the personal data it holds is accurate and up-to-date, but please notify us immediately if there is any change in your personal information.

4. Provision of customer’s personal data to third parties
[Ryokan] will not disclose your personal data to third parties other than those described in this policy. [Ryokan] will disclose your personal data to third parties when it is necessary to provide legal advice, accounting advice, etc., in order to promote business among group inns. When receiving support to improve customer service.

1) Sharing among group companies
In order to provide an efficient and reliable service, and to increase your choice of products and services, your personal data may be shared between group inns. The purpose of use is for the purpose of promoting business among group inns, and such joint use is performed under the responsibility of Propo Life Hotels.

2) Items of personal data provided
All or part of the personal information provided when the customer uses the inn facilities and the personal information provided when participating in the membership program (personal or family address, name, phone number, duty First).

3) How to provide
Documents with personal information (paper media), CD-ROM and other storage media handed over, mailed, faxed and provided via the inn network.

4) Procedure to opt out of providing personal data to a third party at the request of the person (opt-out)
    [Ryokan] will immediately suspend provision of a third party if it is requested to suspend provision of personal data to a third party. In addition, when the customer’s personal data is used jointly among group companies, the [Ryokan] that first acquired the personal data shall be responsible for the management, and the items of personal data used jointly shall be In the light, it will be limited to the necessary range.
    The company that received the customer’s data from [Ryokan] uses personal information only within the scope of its purpose of use, and keeps the disclosed data confidential and provides the business requested by [Ryokan]. You are required to be obliged to use your personal data only for that purpose.
    [Ryokan] may also disclose your personal data in accordance with your instructions, to protect the interests of our company and customers, or with your consent.
    Lastly, [Ryokan] may disclose your personal data in order to cooperate with requests for disclosure from persons with the legal authority of judicial and administrative agencies.
[Ryokan] does not transfer your personal data to a third party.

5. About safety measures for personal information
    [Ryokan] uses the highest standards for information security to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your personal data.
    [Ryokan] limits access to your personal data to authorized employees or agents only.
    In addition, as described in “4. Provision of customer’s personal data to third parties”, the service providers used by [Ryokan] have strict confidentiality obligations.
    [Ryokan] takes physical, electronic, and procedural precautions to prevent loss, misuse, damage, falsification, unauthorized access, and leakage of customer personal data.
    Other features of [Ryokan] ‘s information security program include:
    1) Using specialized technologies such as firewalls
    2) Before actually using products and services on the Internet, we test their safety and availability, and constantly investigate vulnerabilities in commonly known technologies
    3) Conducting internal and external audits of the company’s website and services through the Internet
    4) Monitoring the structural infrastructure of the system and trying to find vulnerable areas and areas where there is a risk of illegal intrusion
    5) Controlling access to various websites and systems through identity verification and authority verification
6) Train employees and deal with new risks and technological developments to ensure that security practices are always up-to-date

6. Privacy protection and the Internet (about cookies)
    Please refer to the following additional information when you receive services through the [Ryokan] website.
    [Ryokan] may use cookies for administrative purposes to ensure security or to eliminate the need for the user to repeatedly enter a password while using the website. Use, value, and performance of our services by collecting or sharing access logs (eg, which page of the [Ryokan] website you visit, how often you visit, etc.) It may be used for analysis.
    A cookie is a small text file that temporarily assigns information specified on a website to your computer through a web browser.
    In addition, on this site, we will improve the site by measuring the usage status of the site as described above, and in order to make it easier for users to use, Google provides Google as an access analysis tool. AnalyticsTM and other third-party tools are used, and other third-party targeting advertising distribution services may be used.
    Along with this, this site uses the “Report on User Attributes and Interest Categories” which is a function of the Google AnalyticsTM service. In this way, [Ryokan] knows the attribute information of users of this site based on Google ’s interest-based advertising data and third-party user data (age, gender, interests, interests, etc.) Is possible. However, none of the data contains personally identifiable information, and it is not possible to identify an individual even when combined with data that this site has acquired independently.
    If you want to refuse to use Google Analytics to collect action history information and report on user attributes and interest categories, you can opt out from the following opt-out page provided by Google.

In addition, the suspension of the advertisement distribution service can be performed on each advertisement distributor’s site.

7. About this policy change
    This policy is subject to change according to the actual situation that [Ryokan] collects and uses your personal information.
    The revised policy becomes effective when it is posted on the [Ryokan] website.
This policy is as of July 1, 2018.

8. Contact
    Such requests for disclosure will be handled in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other applicable laws. The same shall apply when a customer requests correction, addition or deletion of the content of retained personal data based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. If you require disclosure or correction of retained personal data, or if you require the privacy policy of [Ryokan] or details of personal information protection, please contact the customer service desk below. (You can download the application form on the web for disclosure and correction of personal data.)
In addition, we ask you to understand beforehand that you may be charged actual expenses for the expenses associated with the disclosure procedure of personal data.

[Customer service for personal information protection]
    PROSTYLE RYOKAN Tokyo Asakusa
    2-11-11 Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0033
[Phone number] 03-5830-6015 (reception hours 10: 00-17: 00 except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)